KCA Mission

KCA’s Mission is to bring together all the Kenyans residing in the Cincinnati Metropolitan area and to share rich Kenyan heritage with the American people.  KCA also intends to help the members to achieve a position of satisfactory Economic Independence.

Goals and Mission of Purpose
At the time of the association’s formation, the focus was to:

  • Reach out to all Kenyans residing in the Cincinnati metropolitan and the Tri-State area for socialization and share information on current challenges being faced by our fellow Kenyans back home.
  • Help facilitate social and cultural integration for Kenyans arriving in the USA (Cincinnati area) with our American brothers and sisters.
  • Helping facilitate financial and economic stability by networking with our established American brothers and sisters along with friends from other nations using the numerous diverse financial institutions
  • Facilitate continued dissemination of our rich culture and heritage to Kenyan families and students moving and residing within the tri-state area, by celebrating our national holidays, like the Kenyan independence

Future anticipated goals:
KCA seeks to continue with the outreach programs to Kenya and even expand further to provide water in drought stricken communities in rural parts of the country by facilitating the drilling of bore holes.

KCA plans to widen and increase its’ participation in the local community activities through United Way and also through organizations like “Keep Cincinnati beautiful”.

Engaging the youth to actively participate in the association’s activities is another objective that the association is committed to achieve as they encourage them to positively impact their communities, environment and campuses throughout the tri-state area.